Coming back to the US from having been in Iran was overwhelming. It was like traveling 30 years into the future. And, I was so happy to go buy a new paper daily planner and start marking up my calendar with things to do. Hardly tech smart anymore. I gave up the computer years early on being in Iran, it was a hassle for me to get online or go on social media. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter were banned. If you were tech savvy, you could find a “filter breaker” which could help you bypass the bans imposed by the government. But honestly I didn’t need the trouble. Plus the filters were being discovered daily by the govt and needed to be updated with a new configuration regularly.

If I did get online, the connection was so slow, but there were occasions I could go on to check Yahoo news, Facebook and post a few pics and catch up with friends. But that’s about it. I couldn’t access my bank account at Bank of America based in the US – BOA had informed me they would immediately freeze my account if I accessed it from Iran. My US issued credit cards were worthless as they didn’t work in Iran because of sanctions. Besides, I wasn’t allowed as a dual citizen under US laws to buy or sell while in Iran anyway.

So I gave up trying to keep up digitally – for a while. My sister handed me an iPhone a couple of days after I had landed in the NY area from Iran. I thought ok this shouldn’t be too hard. I realized that I needed to learn how to use the device or the smart phone.

When I started going back and forth to Iran, there were only a few ways to communicate digitally in the US, the home phone, the cell phone and email. Now I had to learn how to text, FB, computer message, Google+, LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, iCloud, Drop Box and use an online calendar. It hasn’t been easy, I still don’t know how everyone keeps all their messages in order. But I keep trying, I install phone answering apps only to realize months later that the calls were being routed to an icon on my iPhone I never noticed before.

I have come a long way since 2012. It was then that my sister set up my website for me to use as my calling card. But being overwhelmed I stuck to email, Facebook and Twitter as my primary method of communicating. Then a friend of mine messaged me and asked me why I didn’t have a blog? It dawned on me that I should give it a try. So here I am 3 years later – coming back to the website set up for a blog and more. I’ve had to work really hard to catch up with the rest of you. Although, I have a degree in Business Communications, writing and grammar is not my greatest love. A perfect reason to write. And I will probably make a lot of mistakes on here that will last forever on the internet. But it’s ok, being a work in progress if I stop learning I stop living. Hope you join me on my journey.


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